Dance Concepts started in 2011, Through our time as dancers, we have seen many dance schools and dancers of all levels that love to dance for many different reasons. Since the start of Strictly Come Dancing, ballroom and Latin American has become very popular and the number of people wanting to dance today is huge. At the same time, dance fitness has crazed the country with Zumba. We feel that now is a great time for dance and through our experience can enable everyone no matter how young or old, coordinated or uncoordinated to exoerience and have the opportunity to dance. UK fitness has deteriorated over the last decade for many different reasons, so the sideline benefit to dance and fitness with Dance Concepts is that by making fitness reasonable and regular we can do our bit to help the UK get fit again.

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Our Vision.


Britain started the tradition of Ballroom and Latin American Dancing with all the Champions up to the late 1990’s being born and trained in England. Today, British dancing has slightly lost it’s advance over the rest of the World, with very few truly British couples achieving the great heights in the dance world today. We have been very fortunate and worked hard to represent England all over the world and achieving the highest standards of dance. We want to pass this on to our couples and understand that the dancing world is hugely expensive, so if we can help the younger generation acheive the top of the dance world, we will!

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Join us at Dance Concepts for a variety of dance experiences from social classes to high level competitive dancing. Our aim is to create an entertaining environment for you to learn, what ever your age or ability everyone can learn to dance, it’s about finding the right key. Our team of highly qualified and experienced dancers have the ability to enhance your dance to any level and achieve your maximum, whether you dance for fun, fitness or freedom..