What We Do

Wedding Dances 
The First Dance Tradition

Getting married is a memorable occasion with many important traditions! The wedding planning tradition ensures that your special day runs smoothly and removes the worry and challenge of your first dance.


The Dance Concepts First Dance

Here at Dance Concepts, we can help you select the perfect music to guarantee your perfect first dance as Bride and Groom. Many couples have a piece of music that it special to them. Use one of our experienced team to choreograph your dance to that special piece.


Your Dance Experience

Whatever your previous dance experience we can compose the dance to your precise specifications.  Our aim is that you can enjoy the experience of learning together, have input into your own personalised first dance and surprise your guests with something that you and they will always remember!


The Future

Hopefully, you will also realise the magic in dancing together and find yourselves coming back to dance classes as a married couple!

Our Wedding Dance Packages.
Private Tuition
Ballroom Dancing
Couple Salsa Dancing
Latino Dancers in Ballroom
Why One 2 One Tuition?

People have many different learning styles and for some one to one tuition can be very benenficial, whether you’ve missed a class or, wish to take your dancing further, a private dance lesson has a range of benefits. The Dance Concepts team have the experience to enhance your routines, timing, lead and follow or technique, they train some of the couples top dancers to participate to a high level in international competitions.


How to Book?

Private lessons are by appointment only Please contact the team on 07841136591 to find a time and date that suits you, or you can email us at info@vibezdance.co.uk.


Tuition for someone else?

You can also purchase a gift of dancing to someone special if you purchase a Dance Concepts gift voucher. Gift vouchers are £45 per hour lesson, and lessons are subject to arrangement with the teachers.


Where do we teach?

We teach at Vibez Dance Studios in Woodley, Reading 


For  lessons with Richard 

visit www.vibezdance.co.uk


Bronze Package

A one hour lesson which includes music selection, a basic first dance your special day. £40


Silver Package

Three hour lessons which include music selection, and a simple choreographed first dance to music. £120.


Gold Package

Five hour lessons which include music selection, and a choreographed first dance to music. £200.